Among the services we provide there is the Real Estate assistance for the purchase of your property, land, house or apartment.  This service is done taking care of the legal tax strategies, all over the process of purchase and once closing we provide property managment.
For working in an architectonic project, we use the methodology starting with interviews to know the  
necesities and idea the
client has, we work with the concept of integrate beauty, function and cost, following the government  
rules and regulations.  

We made the architectonic sketches needed so we can start the project.

The Architectonic project consists in the following:

-  Architectonic and area plans
-  Sections and views
-  Hydraulic design and plans
-  Seweing design and plans
-  Electric design and plans
-  Special installations, AC, telephone, gas etc
-  Structure Calculations notes
-  Structural project and plans
-  Expertise signature
-  Permits tramitology
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planos arquitectonicos playa del carmen
Consist in the list and Quantification of the elements  with their specifications. The analisys of the cost of labor and materials of each concept
The following steps are needed in order to start a construction after having the  complete project.
We make a schedule in wich we stablish the time needed for each activity
Is the schedule of the partial payments needed so the construction schedule can be accomplished.
Following this work and methodology we can know in advance the final time and cost of the project.


The construction process we use is with qualified workers, professional supervition following the specifications, time and cost scheduled.

When we build we do it following the rules and regulations of Desarrollo Urbano, Departamento de Ecologia, Imss, Infonavit, Hacienda estatal y Proteccion Civil as is required by law.
We´ll be happy to assist you and answer any question you have about our work and about the process, payments, limitations that exist when building in this area of Mexico.
Architect in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Mayan Riviera

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Architectonic plans and project
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